Only one has conquered me and that is Rose!

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Only one has conquered me and that is Rose!

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Human Form

Animal Form

KRISTIAN. The killer. His short, spiked blonde hair and crystal blue eyes make him look like hes innocent, until you see his evil smirk that is. He has a very muscular build. He is rude and abusive. He is VERY possessive and will kill (or attempt to kill) any male that so much as looks at his mate. He enjoys inflicting pain upon his mate and torturing her. His girl MUST be submissive and quiet. However, they must have a good amount of self-esteem and have pride in claiming HIM as their mate. His ideal date would be dinner and a mass .... Kristian is a Virgo from Germany. He is the second oldest of the four. He is power hungry and often tries to kill his leader, but never succeeds. He takes great pride in showing off his dark green, ripped and tattered, bat-like wings. Kristian is vicious and unpredictable. He may be your best friend one minute, and trying to tear your head off the next. His animal form is a silver wolf. As long as you do not disobey him, he has use for you, but do not expect it to last, for if someone more interesting comes around, he will quickly toss you to the curb as if you didnt exist.


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