Is there hope for me?

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Is there hope for me?

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Acheron: Acheron is an elf with spiked blonde hair and swirling silver pools that hide the many horrors that have happened in his life time. His body is lean and muscular while he stands at 5'9. There is a tattoo on his right shoulder and one on his right leg. He is well guarded when it comes to personal relationship, like love and friendship. He never lets anyone touch him from behind, and even when they touch him where he can see them, he flinches. He hates it when another breathes on the back of his neck or near his ear, it brings back the memories of his past. When he was younger, around the age of 30 or 40 years, he was sold into slavery and trained to be a sex whore. When he didn't please a customer well his master would give him 50 lashes on his back. His master hardly fed him because he thought that Acheron didn't work hard enough for a meal. This went on for about 250 years. He was finally sold to a nice female. She taught him how to read and write, but she soon got rid of him, breaking his heart. This happened three other times until finally Acheron got away. He hid from the world in a small village that only had about 5 people living in it. He moved on once he had learned how to fight skillfully with a sword against any creature. Acheron is now 10,000 years old and looks like he is 18 in human years.


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