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Moka Akashiya's Stats

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:44 am

Moka Akashiya: Some claim to have seen the girl in the light, while others in the dark. Which side is right one might wonder, well for this vampiress they are both correct. She comes out of the dark mansion whenever she pleases because the sunrays that are harmful to most of her kind have no affect on her. Her hair is down past her waist and is the color of a moonless night, while her pools are a artic blue color that turn bright crimson when she is thirsty. She has been around since thew beginning or maybe even a little before, no one is actually sure. Like most vampires, she normally wears dark colors but on rare occassions you will see her in something light. Her personality is truely a mystery, one moment she can be angry at you and then all of a sudden she is smiling and inviting you to have lunch with her. Her past one really wouldn't want to get into considering how long she has been around.


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