Why was I even created?

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Why was I even created?

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:58 pm

Human Form

Animal Form

RAVEN (Rave). The regretful one. His long raven colored hair and dark brown eyes make him look like an angel. He is the most innocent of the group. His mate should be innocent, pure, sweet and caring. He also would like his girl to be smart and athletic. He wants his mate to tell him all her deepest thoughts and secrets. Rave is a Leo from Bolivia. He is the youngest and weakest of the group. Rave hates feeding on humans but is often forced to by a much more powerful vampire, Kristian. Rave still holds on to his humanity and refuses to give into his true nature. He loathes his dark blue and white angelic wings for they remind him of his ...ation. He also despises his creator, Seeth. Rave's playful and sweet. He can also be quite energetic. His animal form is a white cat. Once Rave chooses a mate, he will always be there to listen to you and comfort you. He will never ignore you and will give you anything you want. He will treat you like his goddess.


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