Who will get this tiger?

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Who will get this tiger?

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:53 pm

Human Form

Animal Form

DAMION. The protector of the group. He has short black hair and emerald green eyes. He is very well built. He is playful and very protective. He's a quick thinker. He can get you out of ANY uncomfortable situation as well as put you into a few pleasurable ones ^.^ He wants his girl to be sweet, strong, and artistic too. He loves art and creativity. He needs his girl to be caring and playful. Damion loves to receive complements from her. Damion is a Libra from California. He is the second youngest and second strongest in the group. He hides two massive black feathered wings under his long, floor-length coat. He has a tattoo of the sun with the symbol of his master on the right side of his neck. Damion is very gentle but a very fierce opponent. Damion's animal form is a Siberian White Tiger. Once mated with Damion, he will protect you from all danger. He will keep you in his arms and never let you fall.


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