I only have one love and you know who you are. (Alice!)

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I only have one love and you know who you are. (Alice!)

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Human Form

Animal Form

SEETH. The leader. His hair is medium in length and jet black in color. He has piercing violet eyes that make him irresistible. He is very muscular. He is dominant, sarcastic, and very sadistic. He enjoys teasing his mate. He is fairly possessive, but refuses to admit it. His girl has to be defiant and sarcastic, playful and aggressive. He wants his girl to be a quick thinker because with him as a mate, she'll need to respond quickly. A strong girl would be excellent for him, some one who can take and enjoy fair amounts of pain. He loves domineering women because he loves challenges. Seeth is a Scorpio from Romania. He is the eldest and strongest of the group. Seeth's red and black feathered wings are usually withdrawn into his back for he has no use for them except for flight. He is sly and sneaky and can coax you into anything he wants to. He has a tattoo of a black scorpion on his hip close to his thigh area. If you are on his good side, he can be your best friend, however, if on his bad side, he is not a force to be reckoned with. He is dangerous and deadly to EVERYTHING that stands in his way. Seeth's animal form is that of a midnight black fox. As long as you love and continue to defy him, he, in return, will love his mate. He will never break your heart and stand by you for all eternity.


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